The Partner Program was created for people with Websites, Blogs, YouTube channels or other large online audiences. It consists of a small group of high volume referrers who work directly with us to promote our platform, and in return will receive additional bonuses and incentives.

Partners are eligible for additional bonus on top of our normal Referral Bonus and other Bonuses.

Referrals generated in last 30 days Partner Bonus
1-25 1%
26-50 2%
51-100 3%
101-250 4%
251+ 5%
Partner Program Perks:
  • Priority Payments
  • Custom Payment Options (ex: usd, gift cards or crypto-currency)
  • Priority Support
  • Custom Promo Codes

Interesting in joining our Partner Program? Send us an email at [email protected]. Please let us know how you plan to generate referrals, links to your website/social accounts and any other information we may need.

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